Healing for the Soul

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Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing

 The reiki and crystal energy healing I do with clients is unlike anything you've ever felt before. These sessions will leave you feeling rejuvenated, high on life, and in a state of bliss. Relax and lay with soothing aromatherapy while the sounds of waves flow in the background. Take in the healing properties of reiki as I channel in on the different energy centers in your body and clear out any dense/stagnant energy. Experience the vibrations of crystals as I attune your body and provide energy clearing as necessary. This is the ULTIMATE experience for your inner child. Experience oneness with your inner goddess. Finish the session by choosing 1 crystal that comes included with your session to anchor in the feelings of tranquility and bliss.

90 Minute Energy Exchange: $200

 60 Minute Energy Exchange: $150
45 Minute Energy Exchange: $125

Serving: Long Island & New York City

Reclaiming Your Goddess

Calling all women who want to unleash their Inner Goddess and reclaim their inner powers. These sessions empower women to step into their power, love their decisions, and turn their fear into unshakeable faith. This program is specific for women and involves exercises for increasing confidence, consistency, and connectivity. Explore moon blood rituals, meditations, and postures to access intuition, inner power, and a deeper sense of clarity.

Goddess 12 Week Training

Soul Goddess Course
60 Minute Sessions Available

Shift into your feminine creativity & power.


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​​ॐ        ​​Sheri AZ Homayoon​

Remember when you were a kid, and you'd ask "Why" right after anything that was said to you? Or when you were a baby, how you'd play joyfully in the mirror-- and then somewhere along the way of growing up you became avoidant of it?

Developing your 'why' and identifying your purpose in life is a tremendous awakening. We are conditioned to obey our parent's and follow the path of least resistance: Go to school, get a degree, go to work, retire when you're 65. The generation I am a part of, generation Y, has become frequented by methodologies and theologies for why this is the correct path. But, the question comes back to: How am I supposed to know what I want to become, if I don't know who I am? Around the age of 18, people enter college and are stressed to choose a path that will teach them what they need to acquire a "Good Job." But now in 2015, You get out of college only to find the job market is slim, and the 8% loans that we as college students take out start to burn a hole in our pockets. Think about what being free of debt would feel like? And now think about being free of debt, and having a way of waking up on a daily basis and doing things that make you excited!

What would you do

if you knew you couldn't fail?

There are so many questions to consider, and the clocks are constantly in motion. Developing your 'Why'- Identifying your passion, and what you want to do with your life is all about what you do NOW! Don't wait another day to start figuring out what your purpose is-- and whatever you do, don't throw yourself into more debt by continuing your education just to buy yourself time before you figure out your why. Time is the only commodity we have. You must choose your daily activities wisely.

Why is a word we use as children to further understand, however as we get older we rarely check in and ask "What is my Why today?"

When you develop your purpose your life can then become aligned with what you want to create. Possibilities become endless, and opportunities flow effortlessly to you. You beam a light that attracts others, and give courage to those that share in your interests. Having a clear "Why" will be the strongest cheerleader in your life. It will get you through the darkest of days and the lightest of hours.

Developing your why is important so that you can begin to transform in multiple ways.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial transformation is possible for you.

My wish for you, is that you decide to become the best version of you!


If the answer is the best version of you- then you are in the right place.

What is your 'WHY' ?

Developing your purpose.


Life Coaching

Clarity And Confidence

 Get clear about the direction of your life and any fears that are coming up for you. I provide a space for you to open up and address situations, feelings, and blocks you may be experiencing.

Reach more balance and experience more peace of mind. These sessions are geared to help you take your life forward in a more spiritual, holistic way.

Life Coaching Packages
Individual Sessions Available

New Clients: Free 15 Minute Clarity Call

As an experienced motivational speaker for over 4 years, Sheri's fierce confidence parallels with her undeniable passion for spreading truths about self-love and empowerment. She is engaging with her wisdom and comedic style at bringing large dark topics to the light.

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Healing For The Mind

Healing for Women

Motivational Speaking

Nutritional Cleansing

If you're like me you enjoy having things be convenient and easy for you when it comes to your meals and nutrition.  Due to the constant GO mode of our society, our health seems to take a back seat to all the other factors in our day. I coach people that are serious and ready to take their health back into their hands and create a lifestyle that feels incredible. Whether you want to release some extra weight or create better habits for yourself nutritional cleansing makes it possible. Learn more about the amazing lifestyle that is helping people reach their goals faster and sustain results long term.

Find out if nutritional cleansing is right for you.

Healing for the Body