Step 1. Creating a vision & creating results.

What results do you want from coaching? Here we will first establish your goals and set targets that you'd like to reach. Our first conversation will be an assessment of what has worked for you and what hasn't. I will assist you with identifying opportunities and options that you may have never uncovered on your own. You'll begin to ask yourself, What is driving me today? What is my intention? What do I want to achieve? We'll be creating a strategy to get you to your goals so that you grow into a stronger, more skilled professional. We'll be identifying the blocks and/or fear points that are holding you back from achieving the success you want, and a plan to overcome them.

Step 2. Kicking fear in the face.

​No, I don't promote violence but I do promote inner strength and developing a set of skills to empower you through change. In this session we'll be identifying what fears are standing in your way of success. What type of person are you? Introverted, Extroverted? Are you comfortable voicing your purpose, or do you fear what others think of you? We will touch on organization, daily habits and rituals, and establish a game plan that will serve you each and every day you execute it.

Step 3. Tapping into your purpose in the workforce.

We'll have discussed your work/life balance and where you're at with your daily schedule. Now it's time to take a look at the career options aligned with your most authentic self. Does your passion involve climbing the corporate ladder or building your dream business from scratch? Whatever your mission is, I will be assisting you with tapping into this purpose and bringing your skills to the workplace. I'll provide unbiased professional support for you to gain clarity and focus to get to the next level or launch into a new path. 

Step 4. Redefining your relationship with money.

How do you feel about money? Are you currently earning a paycheck for what you're worth and what you deserve? Most people are creatures of habit, and will turn a shy eye towards developing negotiating skills or an abundance mindset congruent with attracting money. Beliefs about money are formed at a very young age, long before you realized your beliefs were being set for life. This session is about understanding your personal money blueprint. We will go over your childhood and the early influencers in your life. I will dig deep to help you uncover beliefs that may be limiting your career decisions and experiences. You will go through a powerful exercise that will elevate your money blueprint so that your career and financial goals are more aligned with your highest good.

Step 5. Mastering the "Tell me about yourself" question.

Opening the career door can be heavy for some and lighter for others. Networking is important for all aspects of your life and knowing how to effectively promote yourself is crucial. I will work with you to develop the reflexive habits so your answer to this question drives power and influence. You will be doing an exercise to practice developing these skills so that when interviews, important meetings and networking opportunities show up, you are prepared.

Step 6. Resume vs. Life Experience.

What experience are you working with? What's happened to you thus far in life? Think hard. In this session we go deep into your subconscious thoughts to examine what your life experience has been like up until this date. If your looking to attain a position within a company, is your resume up to par? Would you hire you? What will it take to reach that next promotion? How do you know if a new business venture is right for you? You'll begin to expand your progress rapidly through recognizing your greatest gifts are deep within you every second of every day.

Step 7. Networking your way to the top.

There is a tremendous amount of power you withhold when you can tap into the hidden job market. There are strategies for achieving success through effective networking and these skills are some of my absolute favorite ones to teach. Networking is your golden ticket in life. Which is why great networkers get more opportunities and make more money. I'll be teaching you my best strategies on how to network your way into any path you'd like. This skill is tremendous in terms of your mental, physical, financial and spiritual break throughs.

Step 8. Tapping into your inner Rockstar.

​So now you've developed the skills to network, present yourself and demand the conversation in a room. You're gaining more consciousness about yourself and your inner world so you can best shift into positive progress. Tapping into your inner rockstar is about acknowledging who you are. I will be teaching you closely the message from "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz so you can apply these agreements to your every day life. It is during this session that I will walk you through doing meditations on your own and provide a reference of literature that will greatly serve you. This session is your time to let your soul shine, and begin to write a new story for your life.

Step 9.  Raising your value.

​Are you a salaried employee or self employed? Are you a Consultant, or even a fellow Coach? It's key to understand what value you provide in the workplace, and the incredible value you have in life. Negotiating skills are key to rising up the corporate ladder. In the span of 2 years, I landed 3 jobs, each catapulting me to quadruple my starting salary with each position I attained. I went from earning 30k, to 150k in 2 years and I attribute much of that success to negotiating and knowing my worth.

Step 10. Taking your good to great.

​It's important to recognize the time to start is now. By this point, you will have gained a greater understanding for why you do what you do and have an effective guide to reaching your goals. The time to do anything is NOW. This session is all about taking your good to great and establishing what differentiates the two in your life. Wrapping up a 10 session course, this will pull everything together for you. As an individual course, this will focus on the key habits you must develop in order to reach your greatest most influential self.


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