I became a Life Coach when I personally saw tremendous breakthroughs in my life thanks to soul shifting. Through life coaching, I reach my clients and can help steer them in a direction that best expresses their highest self. I help connect the dots so that breakthroughs can happen faster, and more frequently. I believe my greatest power is within understanding people at their core level and this is where my coaching technique is from a spiritual, to the point, deep and empowering stance.

As a Business Coach, I help clients get clear about what their purpose is and how they can create the life of their dreams. As an Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker I love to share my story in the hopes of inspiring others to step into their power. There is enough abundance for us all, and I am on a mission to show people how heaven on earth is a feeling we all can possess.

Sheri Amanda-Zarrin Homayoon

"My life is my message."

I decided I wanted to be an Advocate for personal empowerment.

Business Partners and Coaches

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Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.

Greg Sable, MPH, Business Partner

I have a serious disease. It's called CHRONIC AMBITION! There's so much more to life and I no longer aspire or require just to "fit in", but instead, I aspire and require to "fit out." Being "normal" is overrated.

"Sheri Homayoon is an exceptional woman and success coach. I highly endorse Sheri and am privileged to have been her success coach." 

Jeffery Combs, The Millionaire Maker


Teaching Soul Growth and Divine Love Demonstration

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Lori Harder

Jeffery Combs

My Mentors:

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Feel as though you don't need help with life and that you have it well figured out right now? Bless you, my love. I then encourage you to enjoy your visit and return daily for inspiration that will guide you on your way.

I became a Nutritional Cleansing coach after I personally experienced a breakthrough in my weight loss and health goals. Before, I was a constant yo-yo dieter with a reckless mindset about myself. Since then my energy is through the roof and I love showing others how they too can step into their greatness.

Crystals and Energy Healing soothe my soul. I love channeling divine energy for my clients to clear disturbances and imbalances within their body's energy centers. Clients will learn how to clear their home from negative energies and create their personal zen den. Through my cleansing program I provide spiritual counseling, cleansing, and crystal healing within one's home.

Locations: Long Island, Queens, NYC

Women's Health has always been a topic that is near to my heart. For quite some time I felt like a caged animal; My soul's Goddess spirit was one I pushed down for years masking who I was out of fear. When I had my soul shift and Goddess glorifying breakthrough it was as though the lock to my cage was undone.

I was a girl in healing, and through my rise I unleashed my inner Goddess. Now I love to help women do the same within their own lives and within their own hearts.


CERTIFIED LIFE COACH: International Association of Professions Career College.

Holistic Entrepreneur

nutritional cleansing coach: nutrition and lifestyle/wellness coaching

Reiki PractitioneR  & Crystal energy practitoner

Certified personal training- aapte, hofstra university

Exercise Fitness Specialist- Hofstra University

bas-community health, hofstra university

My Journey Inward

Two Words: Conscious Breathing

Joy is your birthright

We heal by bringing our darkness to the light.

Welcome to a piece of my heart, my life, and my message.

I am excited that you are here and able to soak in some of my high spirited rays. I come from a beautiful home on the coast of NY and love to share my story in hopes of it inspiring a soul to look up and look in.

Let me start off by saying, I recognized my powers at a young age as I saw the power of a divine feminine soul trapped in a body she did not understand. I went through my life seeking validation from others to feel good enough and worthy. I see this in other women today as my soul rises to reach and touch theirs.

Through out my early teens from the ages 15-17 I battled with a destructive and dangerous mindset. A mindset built on fear that projected a world I didn't belong in. With an understanding of early childhood programming, I recognize now where my belief system was implanted and went to work on re-programming myself. I've gone in and rewired myself to greatness and teach others how to do the same. I did my thesis in women's sexual health after seeing the need for a deeper understanding of divine feminine sexual energy. I now teach my clients how to balance their yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies in stride and show them how they too can step into their greatness.

I felt an incredible shift when I changed my perception from fear to love. I began to remember who I was and what I loved. I desired peace of mind more than anything. I desired to be the sexy, fiery, goddess spirit within me that loved to love on people and empower them to be their best selves. My break through came when I realized I didn't require to fit into a box, that I could be whatever shape I wanted to be and I could create a space for myself in this world. We are all creators constantly creating our lives with our thoughts. It is when we are not creating that things get dark and we feel like we're losing connection. I help people through their journey of self discovery and shine my light to lead the path back to their heart. I believe we remember who we are little by little as we cut through the illusion and come back home to who we really are.

I have dedicated my life to helping people return to love and these truths. The truths of yourself. The journey to the heart is not one that happens over night. The deeper inward we go, the further out we can reach. Perhaps you have buried emotions from your past into the corners of your body or a closet full of shame. I used to have unworthiness, shame, guilt, all of it. When I lost control of my mind I had the common symptom, "I can't shut my mind off..." These repressed feelings often surface as medical conditions in my body. You will see for yourself how letting go is a practice, and how it is one we practice every single day. You will experience forgiveness and self love through each step you take on this journey of self discovery.

Before having my breakthrough in 2014, I was a happy soul living in a sad body. I was my worst critic, and treated my body with disrespect and self- sabotaging thoughts. I lived in fear, not knowing if it was okay to be me. Not knowing entirely who I was deep down. I felt this inner feminine power, this beam of bright light that would shoot out of my body. A power I was scared of. A fear I was slowly drowning in as my mind began to send me into bouts of fight or flight. There is always a lesson, a beautiful truth to the choices of our thoughts. I watched as my doctors prescribed me ambien while I explained that I could not get out of my head. In that moment I felt the voice of spirit say, "There is a better way." I fell hard into the words of "Anxiety", "Depression", "Bi Polar Disorder" and every other diagnosis that would crush a 25 year old's soul. Spirit stayed with me, assuring me that I would get through it. I yearned for peace of mind. My heart prayed for a miracle.


It is often at our darkest times that we surrender and though this act of letting go we are able to let love in.

Ask and ye shall receive is something I believe like a mantra. It started to come up for me through people, songs, billboards as a sign to ask and know that I would be led. To ask more questions, to ask for what I wanted, to declare my desires and speak my truths. It was then that I was presented with a business opportunity that would go on to change the course of my entire life. My physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health all began to shift simultaneously. It was as though the door to my dark dungeon had been swung over and there was nothing to be scared of. For the first time I felt unstoppable and had a vision and road map to freedom which is what I love to share with others. Harnessed in my love for health, my dream is to speak around the world and share these messages of love, life and liberation. My desire is to show more people how they can unchain themselves from past stories and current situations that hold them back.

"My best self helps others be their best self."

My Mission:

To assist you in reaching a mind/body/soul balance.

To develop positive relationships with every soul I meet.

To teach you how to let go of what does not serve you.

To remind you that everything will be okay.

To ignite the light within you.

​To show you how to lose unwanted fat and improve your health.

To guide you through the process, and join you on your journey.

To help you maintain a healthy positive lifestyle.

To inspire you to become the person you want to be.